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We loved working with Michelle. She provided us with great customer service and was able to locate a home for us in Northborough within a short period of time.


Jeff and Renee

"I was transferred from California to Massachusetts with my company. Luckily, one of the people at my new location connected me with Michelle. She was an expert on Northborough and the surround area and quickly helped me understand the differences between the CA and MA housing markets so that I could understand the range of the homes I should be looking into. I was able to come out and in less that a week, using the information she had gathered, found a home. But her help didn't stop at that! Since I was remote, she helped line up the mortgage broker, lawyer, and insurance company to allow the deal to close as I worked on selling my property in CA. Even after the sale, she has continued to be a key resource in helping me fix the home and reestablish my life by suggesting handy-men, painters, flooring companies, doctors, pediatricians, orthrodontists, etc. Her knowledge and contacts within the Northborough area has made a very hard relocation go surprisingly easily. Thank you Michelle"


Carl Gyllenhammer